Sour Grapes For Bitter Baptiste

Bitter Blackpool defender Alex Baptiste has had a pop at West Ham’s style of play following the Tangerines 2-1 defeat to The Hammers in the play-off final.

“We were the better side,” the defender told BBC Radio Lancashire. “It was embarrassing at times. They just hoof it long and hope for the best.

“It’s a foul on me for the second goal, so the ref has done us no favours.

“I suppose everyone got what they wanted. Everyone wanted West Ham to win because they’re a team from London.”

Fair enough Blackpool probably had the better of the game, but to say we hoofed it so much it was embarrassing is a bit much! Considering both goals came from some nice build up play and their secret weapon was a 50 yard cross field ball to Ince, it smacks of sour grapes to me.

I think he may have also forgotten the 4-0 and 4-1 wins in the league for West Ham against his Barca like Blackpool!

Other than this deluded gentleman Blackpool on the whole were gracious in defeat and I wish them well for next season.