Sour Grapes For Bitter Baptiste

Bitter Blackpool defender Alex Baptiste has had a pop at West Ham’s style of play following the Tangerines 2-1 defeat to The Hammers in the play-off final.

“We were the better side,” the defender told BBC Radio Lancashire. “It was embarrassing at times. They just hoof it long and hope for the best.

“It’s a foul on me for the second goal, so the ref has done us no favours.

“I suppose everyone got what they wanted. Everyone wanted West Ham to win because they’re a team from London.”

Fair enough Blackpool probably had the better of the game, but to say we hoofed it so much it was embarrassing is a bit much! Considering both goals came from some nice build up play and their secret weapon was a 50 yard cross field ball to Ince, it smacks of sour grapes to me.

I think he may have also forgotten the 4-0 and 4-1 wins in the league for West Ham against his Barca like Blackpool!

Other than this deluded gentleman Blackpool on the whole were gracious in defeat and I wish them well for next season.


West Ham Back In The Premier League

What an awesome way to end a season! West Ham United are back where they belong – the Premier League. Blackpool came to Wembley with one thing on their mind and that was to snatch a victory and deny the Hammers their legitimate right – The Prem.

I still can’t believe it as I type up this report that West Ham are back in the big time, back in the Premier League. There is certainly going to be some bubbly uncorked tonight in London’s East End I can tell you. Not the cheap Spanish Cava but a few bottles of the good stuff!

Blackpool “brought it” to Wembley and it showed. They gave West Ham a tough time and it had to be Carlton Cole the man to break the deadlock just before the break. That was a great moment, going into the break with a one nil lead at Wembley – the hallowed turf.

After the break, Blackpool surprised the hammers with a goal and it showed they meant business – the Tangerines wanted this as badly as the Hammers and now they had the bit between their teeth.

West Ham showed great resilience though and it was an awesome match with end to end stuff. Blackpool managed to frighten the Hammers on a few occasions but they soaked it up. Stephen Dobbie was particularly good for the seasiders and he wanted this more than anyone. The irons played like warriors this afternoon and Allardyce’s men were in for a treat. The Hammers toughed it out and the clock was ticking. Who would be able to break the deadlock between these two teams who were chasing Premiership glory?

It was our man from Portugal, Ricardo Vaz Té who sealed the deal for the Hammers! West Ham do not win many matches close to the final whistle but this was sublime. Vaz Té’s goal will go down in history and will be remembered for a long time, I can assure you of that lads!

The boys played their hearts out like true lions and they have reaped the spoils. I’m a great believer of what you put into something is what you’ll get out and the Hammers did that today. They played a great game of football and now they have got what they deserved – premiership glory next year.

Well done to Sam Allardyce and his boys. Sam has turned the club around and put them back on the right track – he knows what he’s doing, even if we did have a few scary moments this season!

So that’s it lads, we are back to the Premier League and the boys deserve a decent rest – but only after a champagne celebration of course!

Tangerines Up In Arms Over Premier League Away Kit

The Tangerines have apparently “got out of their prams” about a “new away kit” that sports the premier League logo on it! I couldn’t stop laughing when I heard this and thought it must be the seasiders new take on Fergie’s mind games!

Therefore the Hammers have come out and denied all rumours of a new away kit with the premier League logo after “somebody” posted a draft version of it online. The tangerines are said to be “riled”, who we play on Saturday at Wembley for Premiership glory in a 90 Million pound showcase.

Ian Evatt, a Tangerines defender has called the Hammers “disrespectful” and overconfident ahead of Saturday’s big game.

And defender Evatt had this to say about the away kit photo scandal:

“If you listen to them, they’re already up aren’t they?” “If I was them I wouldn’t be counting my chickens just yet because what I have learned over the past five or six seasons is these players never give up.
“A guy has just told me that their new kit’s come out with Premier League badges on, which I think is jumping the gun a bit and it’s disrespectful towards our group of players.
“I’m not going to sit here and say Blackpool are going to win, but we’re going to give them a better game than they think we’re going to give them.”

This outburst has surprised the Irons especially as their preparation and build up has been very low key – almost deliberately if you ask me. The Hammers have now responded to Evatt’s rants in a statement by the club:

“West Ham United can confirm that reports of replica shirts being produced with Premier League badges on ahead of Saturday’s play-off final are completely erroneous.
“The photograph of a shirt is a hoax and in no way connected to West Ham United Football Club.
“Comments made as to the conduct of our club in regards to our opponents on Saturday, Blackpool, are also false and have again, nothing to do with the club.”

In my opinion I think the seasiders are playing mind games with us ahead of the Wembley game in a bid to distract our focus and attention. These things happen all the time and anyone who’s worth their salt as a designer could create a mock up and post it on the Net – it’s not that hard believe me!

Ian Evatt should shut up ahead of this game as it doesn’t make too much sense going into a match like this unless you’re up for a few mind games before-hand. There’s just two days to go and the hammers will get to respond to the Tangerines tactics on the pitch with a brace from Vaz Té!


Allardyce To Sue Kean (Reportedly)

Current Hammers Manager and former Blackburn boss Sam Allardyce has reportedly instructed lawyers to sue his former Number 2 and current Blackburn manager Steve Kean.

This action comes following a four minute video released on YouTube overnight, apparently filmed during Rovers pre-season trip to Hong Kong, it shows Kean being very critical of Allardyce and using a series of expletives and going as far as to call Sam “a crook”.

It also shows Kean predicting a top half finish in The Premiership and that Blackburn would win the Carling Cup.

The BRFC Action Group  have claimed responsibility for the footage,  and have long campaigned against Kean and the clubs owners the Venky’s.

A statement from the group says: “We as a group of supporters, elected by its members, are disgusted that our club has been allowed to be pillaged with very little resistance from the regulatory bodies who should act in the best interest of the sport and supporters.

“We are pleased to announce that the Premier League has invited the BRFC Action Group for a full meeting to take place in the next couple of weeks.

“We are further delighted that the Sports Minister has also agreed to a similar meeting to discuss the goings on, behind the scenes, at our club.”

Interesting times to be a Blackburn fan then!

If your interested in seeing the video you can find it here:

Olympic Stadium Tenant Process Prolonged

It looks like the Hammers are in for a bit more waiting to see who gets the Olympic stadium after the London 2012 Olympic Games as the bosses at the London Legacy Development Corporation have extended the process. Apparently, a few issues have arisen regarding government body approvals, naming rights and stadium improvements.

The Hammers were expected to hear news about the successful new tenants on 21st May, just two days after the Wembley final play-offs. It looks like the decision has now been postponed.

There are at least 16 parties who registered their interest for securing the 99 year lease on the stadium once the Olympic Games have ended and among them are the University of East London, Essex County Cricket Club and of course, West Ham United. All bids for the prize location can be re-submitted, we are told.

The chief executive of Legacy, Andrew Altman had this to say regarding the process:

“We have been very encouraged by the quality of the bids so far.

“However, a number of issues have arisen during the process and we believe it is sensible to give everyone more time so they can be addressed.

“The fundamentals have not changed and it remains our intention to sign construction contracts for converting the Stadium at the end of October, with the intention of re-opening in 2014 as previously announced.”

“We want to make the process as competitive as possible and extending the competition period will allow all parties that registered an initial interest in the stadium another chance to bid.

We still think the Hammers have a pretty good chance of getting the lease and I personally believe this possibility will greatly increase if the hammers do their job on Saturday and beat the Tangerines at Wembley.
What a great showcase it will be if the Irons get to the Premier League and secure the 99 year lease on one of the sexiest stadiums around 😉