West Ham Attendances 2017-18 season | Crowd figures & stats for WHUFC home games at London Stadium 17-18

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Here is a look at West Ham United attendance figures for the 2017/2018 Premier League season and other home games in the League and FA Cups. The Hammers had the third highest average attendance in the 2016/17 league season (56,972), behind Manchester United (75,290) and Arsenal (59,957).

This season they’ve dropped to fourth owing to Spurs shifting to Wembley, which has a 90,000 capacity.

The London Stadium can accommodate more people than Anfield, Etihad and St.James Park, so we’d expect the Hammers to always feature in the top five

New games will be added as they happen- last updated after West Ham v Man Utd on 10 May, 2018

What is the highest crowd at the London Stadium for a West Ham during the 2017/18 season?

It’s the 56,988 who were in attendance to watch West Ham take on Spurs.

Lowest attendance at the London Stadium in 2017/18?

The 35,806 who watched West Ham beat Bolton Wanderers in the Cup.

11 September, 2017West Ham 2-0 HTAFC56,977
19 September,2017West Ham 3-0 Bolton Wanderers35,806
23 September 2017West Ham 2-3 Spurs56,988
30 September 2017West Ham 1-0 Swansea56,922
20 October 2017West Ham 0-3 Brighton56,977
4 November, 2017West Ham 1-4 Liverpool56,961
24 November 2017West Ham 1-1 Leicester56,897
9 December, 2017West Ham 1-0 Chelsea56,953
13 December, 2017West Ham 0-0 Arsenal56,921
23 December 2017West Ham 2-3 NUFC56,955
2 January 2018West Ham 2-1 WBA56,888
16 January 2018WHUFC 1-0 Shrewsbury39,867
20 January 2018West Ham 1-1 AFCB56,948
30 January 2018West Ham 1-1 Palace56,911
10 February, 2018West Ham 2-0 Watford56,197
10 March 2018West Ham 0-3 Burnley56,904
31 March 2018West Ham 3-0 Saints56,887
16 April 2018West Ham 1-1 Stoke56,795
29 April 2018West Ham 1-4 Man City56,904
10 May 2018West Ham 0-0 Man Utd56,902


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