Allardyce backed by owners despite impossible task ahead

West Ham United manager Sam Allardyce has been backed by owners Gold and Sullivan despite the seemingly impossible task that lies ahead of him. After the 5-0 FA Cup battering from Nottingham Forest, a lot of fans thought that he had to walk for the sake of the club. However, the owners have felt differently.

allardyce has west ham owners backing

Sam Allardyce has the backing of David Gold and David Sullivan

In my humble opinion, Big Sam should be shown the exit door if the Hammers have any chance of staying up this season. He has the team playing pathetically and they have just been battered by a 5 nil scoreline to Nottingham Forest of all clubs. Now, I’m not dissing the Forest fans, they’ve got a great club. But come on people, West Ham are in the Premier League for crying out loud! This shouldn’t happen, should it?

I don’t think any West Ham fan deserves their team to be playing at the Olympic stadium in the Championship league. This is what the Hammers face and Gold and Sullivan have put the last nail in the coffin if the manager doesn’t turn things around. They are backing a losing horse if you ask me and West Ham are being steered to doom by Allardyce.

To make matters worse, Sullivan and Gold offered their support to 59 year-old Sam Allardyce on the club’s official website:

“We know Sam has not lost his ambition or desire and is committed to making West Ham United a great Premier League club,” the open letter read.

“Sam has been handed a near impossible task of coming through three crucial games in the space of six days with a squad of only 14 fit and available senior players.

“We have experienced difficult times before and we know what will get us results – hard work, determination and perseverance. To that end, we are all working round the clock to do everything in our powers to help arrest our slump in form.”

In the end, it all boils down to how the manager/club have spent their money. The Hammers brought in crocked Andy Carroll for a record club fee and a needless winger in the shape of Downing. Though to be fair, the latter has been playing better than most.

So, to the big question; is Sam Allardyce going to be sacked? Not anytime soon we fear.

Get ready for championship football lads. Allardyce (who is one of the highest paid managers in the world believe it or not), has the backing of the club’s owners now, so we are truly doomed now!

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Stevo can remember going to games with his Dad and seeing the likes of Clyde Best of all people. He also has a few mates who have “done” complete seasons too – and that was when the Irons were in division one. That’s every home and away game – unbelievable! Stevo plans to do this himself next season!


  1. Absolutely spot on. We are down. He might still have the desire and ambition to make us a top premier league side, like the David’s said, but what their missing is the fact he’s a f#cking sh*t manager, who lacks the skill, man management and outside the box thinking to take our club anywhere but down to the championship. Football has moved forward a lot since the days of humping the ball to Kevin Davies to nod down to that tw*t Nolan. The only manager who can’t see it is the useless lump we have got at the helm. The results lately are an utter humiliation to our club. Why can’t they see what we all can? I seriously hope they are planning for relegation, cause it’s coming. Bye bye Reid, Morrison, Carroll etc. for half the price and all because of you gold and Sullivan. If you grew a pair between you, you’d of sacked him long ago.

    • That’s right Deano, the Premier League has moved on from a big hoof up field and running after the ball. To get somewhere in this League the Hammers have to take a leaf out of Swansea’s book.

      Laudrup has turned them into a slick ball-passing machine with very few resources. I really thought the David’s would have given Allardyce his P45 so at least a new manager has half a season to turn the club’s fortunes around! Nice comment btw.

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