Who else wants the Hammers to stay in the Premier League?

Obviously all us Hammers are desperate for us to stay in the Premier League but what about fans of other clubs?

Would you prefer a trip to Upton Park for a great atmosphere and some cheeky east end banter, or would you prefer a game up at Blackburn or Wolves?

I am asking the question as when I was younger I remember everyone having a soft spot for The ‘Appy Hammer’s and those cheeky chappies from The Boleyn and we was most peoples second team, this and the fact we used to play some lovely attractive football and single handedly won the World Cup for England in 1966.

But since the whole Carlos Tevez affair it seems as though peoples opinions have changed of The Irons. I understand how the whole Tevez Gate and the hate campaign against us from Sheffield United could have changed peoples views back then but I am still hearing people complaining about us now and that we are cheats.

Bottom line is West Ham never really capitalized on staying in The Premiership that season and were relegated just two seasons later with probably the worst manager in our history in Avram Grant and left in a mountain of debt by our Icelandic owners, so if people wanted us punished I am pretty sure we got  that in spades.

So how about now? Are peoples opinions changing again for the better and are we welcomed back at the top tier with open arms? Time will tell but there is a feel good factor about West Ham that I haven’t seen in quite some time.