Lawro Tracker- Mark Lawrenson’s predictions for West Ham games v Actual Results- 2018/19 season

How has pundit Mark Lawrenson fared in regard to his weekly predictions for West Ham in the 2018/19 Premier League season? How many of his predictions have been right? We’ve created a special Lawro tracker to find out!

Lawro takes on a new celeb opponent every weekend. Here is the list of opponents he’s squared off against in this 18/19 season (last updated after GW17 Fulham v West Ham)

GW1: Joe Thomas
GW2: Tom Grennan
GW3: Idris Alba/Aml Ameen
GW4: Greg James
GW5: Mark Wahlberg
GW6: Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill
GW7: Karl Pilkington
GW8: DJ Chris Stark
GW9: Shane Warne
GW10: Richard Ashcroft
GW11: Bring Me the Horizon rock band (Matt Kean and Matt Nicholls)
GW12:Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre (WWE)
GW13: Mumford and Sons
GW14: Dolph Lundgren
GW15: Ross McDonald (the 1975 bassist)
GW16:Josh Warrington
GW17: David Ginola

How many of Lawro’s predictions for West Ham have come true in the 18/19 season?

Out of the 17 league games played by West Ham so far, Lawro has got the results ofeight right- their away losses to Liverpool, Arsenal and Brighton, their home wins against Burnley, Cardiff and Palace and the draw against Huddersfield

By comparison, Lawro’s celeb opponents have done far better- they’ve got the result of TEN Hammers games right so far.

Lawro Predictions

Under Lawro’s scoring system (10 points for a correct result and 40 points for the correct score), he’s currently on 110 points for his WHUFC predictions. His celeb opponents have got 10 right (one perfect score), so that’s 130 points. Like Lawro, his celebrity opponents got the LFC, AFC, Brighton, Burnley, Man City, Cardiff and Palace games right, but they were also able to predict West Ham’s loss at home to Wolves (Greg James) and their away wins against Everton at Goodison Park (Mark Wahlberg) and Fulham (David Ginola) that he did not.

Celebrity Opponents 130-110 Lawro (after Game Week 17)

GWGameLawroCOActual Result
1Liverpool v West Ham2-03-14-0
2West Ham v AFCB1-11-01-2
3Arsenal v West Ham2-06-03-1
4West Ham v Wolves2-01-20-1
5Everton v West Ham2-10-11-3
6West Ham v Chelsea2-10-20-0
7West Ham v Man Utd0-21-13-1
8Brighton v West Ham2-12-11-0
9West Ham v Spurs1-11-00-1
10Leicester v West Ham2-00-11-1
11West Ham v Burnley2-01-04-2
12Huddersfield v West Ham1-12-11-1
13West Ham v Man City0-21-30-4
14Newcastle v West Ham2-02-10-3
15West Ham v Cardiff2-03-13-1
16West Ham v Palace2-02-13-2
17Fulham v West Ham2-10-10-2

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