Allardyce has to go so let’s get Redknapp back

I’m sure a lot of Hammer fans are going to disagree with me on this one for various reasons but if truth be told, Allardyce has to be ‘launched’ and a new manager has to take his place pronto if the club is going to stay up in the Premiership and walk into their new Olympic stadium with their heads held high.

Harry Redknapp

Should West Ham get Harry Redknapp back?

I don’t know what the problem is with the two Davids but if were them, Sam Allardyce would have got his P45 weeks back. Last night’s defeat to Manchester City was a joke. A 6-0 drubbing by Pellegrini’s men was difficult to take. For a moment I thought that City felt they were Barcelona, stringing numerous passes together and making the Hammers look like mugs.

Allardyce has clearly lost the respect of the dressing room. Iron Bobby pointed out that West Ham never even picked up a card. That means that the players were not up for it and didn’t give a hoot.

This brings me to my next point; I want Harry Redknapp back! Ok, I know I’m creating a few enemies with this one but lets face the facts guys. Either we get a manager in whose got a record of turning ‘things around’ ie Portsmouth, or we face going down to the Championship next season and walking into the Olympic stadium as second best.

I know Redknapp left the Hammers and I know he has been bent on trying to sign all and sundry so that West Ham can’t sign them. Eidur Gudjohnsen ring any bells?

I am also aware that he went to the dark side and joined Tottenham, for crying out loud. But with all that said and done, wouldn’t Redknapp be the ideal manager to turn the club’s fortunes around?

Obviously the Davids are shying away from booting out Allardyce because they will have to pay him a hefty fee. Might I kindly remind the Hammer bosses that the cost of going down to the Championship along with ‘humiliation’ would cost rather more.

I’m running out of ideas and patience, so  at the risk of the Hammers’ fans wrath, I offer myself as a slaughtered lamb. If you have any constructive ideas on what Allardyce should do or if you think David Gold and David Sullivan should get Harry Redknapp back, I would love to hear them below.

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Stevo can remember going to games with his Dad and seeing the likes of Clyde Best of all people. He also has a few mates who have “done” complete seasons too – and that was when the Irons were in division one. That’s every home and away game – unbelievable! Stevo plans to do this himself next season!


  1. Got to say you hammers fans were outstanding last night at the etihad. You didn’t have much to shout about, but you sang all night. Reminds me very much of us, self deprecating city fans. Keep the faith

  2. You seem to not realise Harry has 18months to run on his QPR contract and is gunning for promotion to the premier league. Why would he want to swap that for another relegation battle that could well see him back in the championship. Malky Macky is your best bet.

  3. Shut up you MUG!!! you will be lucky to stay in the championship next season (Forest 5 West Ham 0 was just a taster of what you can expect next season), I can see you in division 1 with about 5000 die hard fans in the olympic stadium choking on your jellied eels. Why would Harry join you to be relegated again? Take you claret and blue tinted glasses off and see the reality. You are long overdue to be removed from the premier league, unfortunately we wont get the chance to spank you home and away next season as we will be replacing you at the end of this season….COME ON YOU RRRRRRR’s

    • notanyoldiron says

      Get a grip you loser. Reality is a good look at the Portsmouth story. A very expensive FA Cup win!!!!!! You keep H. You deserve him.

  4. Rangers4eva says

    Take him from us please! As long as we doing get big Sam as a replacement

  5. Quinn`s Park Rangers says

    Can’t see you getting arry back he seems settled and has a very good relationship with our board but you can have Zamora back if you want lol

  6. Why would Harry leave a club on the way up to go to a club on the way down.

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