No favours from Tottenham on Sunday

There will be no favours from Tottenham on Sunday when West Ham United travel to White Hart Lane in their bid for points and goals.

At a time when the Hammers are going through a goal drought, it is not a good time to be playing the North London neighbours.

Andre Villas-Boas and Sam Allardyce

Andre Villas-Boas and Sam Allardyce will meet again on Sunday

The clubs are at either end of the league table and West Ham United need to turn it on and snatch some points from Andre Villas-Boas’ team.

September has been a rather disappointing month for Hammer fans as the club has only managed to rack up a single point against Southampton, Everton and Hull City.

Sam Allardyce said in his comments the other day that his club was unlucky in their 1-0 defeat at Hull. ‘We can play at our very, very best in the next two and get beaten,’ he said. While those words may be true, it’s not very good for morale, is it Sam?

In the absence of regular clashes with Millwall, the North Londoners have taken up the mantle in frequently and fiercely contested derby matches. Out of the last 20 league matches that the two clubs have contested, the Hammers have come away victorious on just three occasions.

If we read into Allardyce’s words, this Sunday’s clash will be no different. While West Ham took a gamble on Andy Carroll, the North Londoners have cashed in on the selling of one of their prized assets to fund the likes of players like Soldado and Eriksen.

Until the Hammers get Carroll back, the fans will have to put up with all and sundry walking all over us as Allardyce’s tactical plan with the big man at the front has fallen apart. It might be a good time to look at a possible plan B, Sam otherwise we’ll be propping up the Premier League at the bottom of the table.

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  1. Sorry before I get a bunch of irate hammers fans having a go at me, this is on the Tottenham newsnow site – the reason for the post.

    Spurs are undoubtably a better and more balanced football team now than they were this time last year, and I think you will find that out on Sunday. We do though have difficulty scoring goals also. I therefore give you guys a chance of rescuing a 1-1 or something similar which I would hate. We need to find a way to click and to unpick defensive formations. When we do work it out then we really will be dangerous. Will Sunday be the day? I don’t know, although I really hope it is. You have a chance, although I think we’ll win, but heart of hearts not by the ‘hammering’ I think it should be ; )

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