West Ham lose out to Hull theatrics

West Ham United continued their abysmal away form in The Premier League at the weekend, being turned over 1-0 by new boys Hull City.

The game was settled in the 12th minute when Robbie Brady went down like a sack of potatoes in the box when jumping for a header he was never winning, to the shock of everyone in the stadium the pathetic referee gave the Prima Ballerina a penalty which he dispatched past Jaaskelainen.

Hull City beating West Ham

West Ham continued to look one-dimensional in their approach firing balls up to Maiga who somehow manages to look more useless every game.

Without Carroll this system does not work and West Ham have no end product with Maiga leading the line, I am surprised Allardyce is being so stubborn and not adjusting his system which clearly is not working.

James Tomkins thought he got a leveler in the 23rd minute when he powered a header at goal which was chested off the line by a Hull defender, goal line technology showed the whole ball hadn’t crossed the line.

After that it was all Hull City and it was surprising they did not get a second goal and in honesty it was a relief to get to half time and regroup for West Ham.

Second Half

Hull were unfortunate not to extend their lead straight away but were denied by the linesman’s flag or the game would have been dead and buried at 2-0.

Good news came just short of the hour mark when the utterly useless Maiga was pulled off with Petric taking his place to the delight of the away fans.

West Ham continued pumping balls into the box from the wings but nothing was really happening and former West Ham defender Faye was easily dealing with the aerial threat.

Stewart Downing then made his come back from injury by coming on in the 70th minute along with Ricardo Vaz Te for the final 20 minutes of the game.

West Ham were then denied an absolute stonewall penalty in th 75th minute when Hull City midfielder Jake Livermore didn’t so much as handle the ball but forearm smashed it, but the pants referee decided against giving this one to cap off an abysmal performance for the man in the middle.

It was another bad performance on the road by West Ham but the worst performance of all was the referee who was shocking.

Allardyce needs to come up with a new plan as his one-dimensional away tactics are being easily sussed out by the opposition.

SkySports Merson’s Reaction

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  1. Got to say I thought West Ham were poor, and it is a bit too easy to pick out the 2 penalty decisions as the reasons you lost. We hit the bar and post and should have punished you on the break 3 or 4 times in the 2nd half. Apart from Mark Noble, who played well, I thought you just resorted to aimless punts into the box and desperate shoving towards the end to try and create a chance. As to the 60% possession, how much of that was in your own half, passing the ball along the back line?

  2. Germany Tiger says

    No doubt you will also receive a rub of the green at some stage in the season… every team does. Yes – you should have had a penalty, yes, Nolan should have been straight red carded, it is what it is and sour grapes from Sam is not going to win him any friends either inside your club or away from it, as you stated, he needs to look at his tactics rather than blaming RB for diving as he certainly is not a diver. Once you get Carroll back you should start climbing up the table, a relegation candidate you most certainly are not… there are other teams such as Crystal Palace who have these worries. SB certainly changes his tactics to suit the teams and everyone was stating the long ball tactic which with Curtis and Faye at the back kind of played into our hands. Its a long hard season. Good luck with the rest of the season.

  3. Like it or not Dave the penalties were both huge decisions in the game, you got one you shouldn’t have and we didn’t get one we should have.
    There are no illusions about West Hams performance which was poor but the fact is Hull only scored one goal so it could easily have been 1-1 or 0-1 to West Ham if the penalty decisions were correct.

    Doesnt mean West Ham deserved it but points are crucial as I am sure you are aware.

    • Dave Blackstone says

      And if Nolan had received the red card he deserved we could have gone on to win 2, 3 or 4 nil.
      The point is we won. If you want to moan that the ref robbed you due to the penalty decisions, you should be honest and admit you should have been down to 10 men after 6 minutes.

      • You do realise your on a West Ham Blog don’t you and not a We Love Hull site? So your not going to see West Ham fans crying about Nolan should have been sent off.
        Nolan being sent off is neither here nor there anyway as if he was we may have battened down the hatches and pulled off a 0-0 but if you wasn’t given the penalty your only goal would have been ruled out hence a 0-0 or 0-1 if we scored our penalty which should have rightly been given.

        • Dave Blackstone says

          If the penalty hadn’t bee given and we hadn’t taken the lead we might have continued to press and score anyway, and if my grandma had had bollocks she would have been my Grandad.

          As for this being a West Ham Blog, does that mean the truth is abandoned??

          Truth is we won, we deserved to win the ref made a load of important mistakes against BOTH sides. Deal with it.

          • I don’t see where on earth the truth was abandoned in this article, the poster clearly states West Ham were poor and could have been a lot more than 1 goal down… However he is right to show that the Hammers were denied a stonewall penalty as it was an important decision that in all likelyhood cost West Ham a point no matter how poor they were and how bad the tactics were.
            In response to your harping on about truth I haven’t read much on Hull sites about the disgusting dive your fella put in which was followed by a celebration like he just won the champions league when he scored his penalty….

          • Dave Blackstone says

            What? West Ham players have never celebrated after scoring a goal the should have been disallowed???? Shock horror!!
            Brady was fouled. He could have stayed on his feet maybe, but he chose to go down. Are you saying no West Ham player has done that?? As for the truth, well, I say again, where is the mention of the sending off that never was???

          • You are talking about a non entity which the BBC through to SkySports didn’t feel the need to mention and yet your crying about it on a West Ham Blog? LoL fouled? Now I know your a joker… Joggeth on Dave.

  4. Dave Blackstone says

    Love the way everyone concentrates on the two penalties and not a word is mentioned about the fact Nolan should have been given a red card after 10 minutes. Also, to hear Allardyce moaning about simulation and cheating is hilarious. Does he not remember El Hadj Diouf? Hypocrite!
    I guess blaming the ref deflects attention from West Ham’s poor performance and the fact they were simply second best.

    • Helen Ludlow says

      Would hardly say that West Ham had a poor performance with 60% possession. The refs are costing West Ham dear as we’ve had 2 goals chalked off for offside when they weren’t and now this. You were just lucky with the refs decisions as there was hardly any contact for the penalty and Tom Daley would be proud of that dive. Still a long way till the end of the season.