West Ham United 2 Everton 3 – Things We Learnt

After a dour first half which looked like the match ending in a stalemate, the game sprung to life in the second half and Everton clinched a fortunate win at the Boleyn Ground. Hammers fans looked bewildered as failed signing Lukaku nailed the final nail in the coffin with a late header.

Things we learnt was that the 20 year old Belgian was virtually unplayable and made the Hammers’ defense look small – no mean feat.

Maybe Mourinho will kick himself now for letting Lukaku go and keeping on Torres with his high paycheck. West Ham knew he was going to be a danger but failed to take him out with any conviction. Martinez will surely start the 20 year old against Newcastle now after his Toffee debut.

Another thing we learnt is that we need big Andy Carroll back. Maiga failed to impress and though he’s not a small guy at 6’1,  he failed miserably to fulfil the role of target man, which Carroll is so good at.

Upton Park were clearly disappointed with the Malian despite some applause when he did manage to put in a challenge for the ball.

Leighton Baines had a great game, no doubt. With two free kicks, he was the thorn in West Ham’s side. Jussi could have been at fault for the first one but Baines’ second free kick was simply unstoppable. The Toffee is giving England manager Roy Hodgson something to think about as far as a regular first team place goes.

Allardyce spoke to Sky News after the match about the incident involving Mark Noble, where he got sent off for picking up a second yellow:

“He’s played the ball actually, I’ve just had five or six looks at it before I’ve come out and I think the lad has taken the chance to go down on the tackle, but you see Mark Noble plays the ball first and then the lad goes down.

“I know it looks like a free-kick but, from where the referee is, he has got to be absolutely certain in that area and the fact that it’s Mark Noble, because he’s going to get sent off.

“I think he made a huge mistake there. Mind you, other people might see it different.”

That was it. In my opinion, Martinez’s men were lucky to beat the Hammers and the East Londoners who had a man down, were cannon fodder for the rest of the match against Baines and Lukaku.

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Stevo can remember going to games with his Dad and seeing the likes of Clyde Best of all people. He also has a few mates who have “done” complete seasons too – and that was when the Irons were in division one. That’s every home and away game – unbelievable! Stevo plans to do this himself next season!


  1. Lucky? You had 2 shots on target and 31 % poss. You were second best all over the pitch second half . You were outplayed . By a far better team.Noble never got near the ball.

    • what game were you watching mate

      • I mean come on,you battled hard and couldn’t fault your commitment ,but you really have no quality on the pitch. I never once doubted we were going to win after half time.Lukaku had your defense all over the shop.You were under the cosh for 40minutes. We looked faster ,fitter and always more dangerous .Maybe when you get some players back from injury things will change for you.But big Sams approach lacks ambition and style.Good luck for the rest of the season.

    • notanyoldiron says

      2 shots on target and 2 goals. Says a lot about Everton Gazza. And possession doesn’t count for much. Ask Wenger! It took 2 Baines free kicks, that he will never repeat in his career even when he goes to Man U. And a saver from your on loan player against 10 men. You’re not a great side Gazza. And you only mention the 2nd half. You were toothless in the first. You were lucky to take 3 on Saturday. You wont be unbeaten long

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