Could Defoe Return To West Ham?

The future of ex West Ham and current Tottenham forward Jermain Defoe is back in the limelight, as Tottenham have signed Valencia/Spanish international Roberto Soldado.

It now appears evident that Defoe’s second stint in North London is over, with a list of potential suitors waiting to pounce; could a deal with former club West Ham United be struck?

West Ham fans have a complicated relationship with Jermain, well actually it’s not that complicated; they don’t like him!

After leaving back in 2004; many West Ham fans haven’t forgiven their ex goal poacher (we have long memories)!

Jermain Defoe - Would you have him back at West Ham

We can agree on one thing though, Jermain Defoe is a natural goal-scorer who could become a valuable asset to any club. Which makes me ask, should we be tempted into making a bid for him?

Petit quarrels aside, we need a new striker; forget about wages,transfer fees, worrying about all that hasn’t got us anywhere so far. I’m a realist and I believe that we should be smart in our investments but if you want goals; Jermain Defoe can provide just that!

It remains unknown as to how Defoe would feel about any possible return to East London but we would provide him with First Team/Premier League football and, an oppurtunity to prove himself for the upcoming World cup, something a team like recently linked QPR can’t!

I would love Jermain back, people have their own opinions on the matter but this transfer fiasco regarding a new striker has went on for too long now, to sign good proven players you need to be willing to pay decent wages, at this current moment in time it’s not worth taking a gamble on an unknown quantity only to get no return, as West Ham fan’s we are far too familiar with that feeling!

Would YOU welcome Jermain Defoe back?

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Stevo can remember going to games with his Dad and seeing the likes of Clyde Best of all people. He also has a few mates who have “done” complete seasons too – and that was when the Irons were in division one. That’s every home and away game – unbelievable! Stevo plans to do this himself next season!


  1. As everyone else has said, he’ll score goals. And plenty of them, so yeah he could win us over but I can’t see it happening to be honest. BUT will Sam play him up with Carroll, bang him out wide or have him warm the bench? Because Andy Carroll and Defoe up top is a top 8 (at least) strike partnership but that would mean dropping a central midfielder. We all know it won’t be Nolan, it’s unlikely to be Noble and dropping Diame wouldn’t go down well.

  2. defoe scores goals who cares about his past

  3. defoe scores goals end of story

  4. turgot morrison fanimo.hello youngsters

  5. we need someone who can score Defoe I will cheer when you score the new season is just around the corner and we have no striker worth talking about

  6. Well he aint raped anyone so wont be wanted at Noncecastle to partner “Remy the rapist”..

  7. Spurs mugs jog on, no one wants your rejects. Parker is past it noble, diarra and diame all better than him now. As for Defoe he will not play alongside AC just instead of but again Vaz Te and Maiga are probably better than him now. Let harry have the pair of them and we will all laugh at massive spurs as they blow it at the end of the season again!!

  8. And also Ben, Defoe your right will not go to West Ham because you are well and truly Pony. All your season will consist of is long balls up to Carroll with know one there to get on the end of his knock downs! Another mid table finish i feel?

  9. Ben, you are delusional mate, Parker would still walk in your midfield! Is that why he got player of the year twice? West Ham could do with him to be honest, Nolan is awful!

  10. Ciprian Marica is a free this is the man we need

  11. Parker is shit wouldn’t get in our team now, so overrated its ridiculas. We had two of our worst seasons of all time with him in the middle. No leadership qualitys a one trick pony. Who offered half of what Nolan does at every level.
    Defoe won’t come no point discussing.

    • Steve – why do people think like that. What a load of tosh.
      You’re obviously frustrated cos we ain’t signed no one. I’d rather they wait till January than us panic buy again they will obviously get someone but it has to be right and a quality player. The reason a deal hasn’t happened is cos kalou said no so they are bk to the drawing board.

    • Jermain is quality … to prove he can pair Andy Carroll before the World Cup would not be a dumb move for him!!

  12. I think the new striker business is all smoke and mirrors. Thats why Maiga Diarra and Morison are back in favour. We HAVE to pay off the bank debt before we can move tp the OS. We havent got the money. I think we are going to try and tough it out wih what weve got! And if we have to we’ll have to dip into the market in January. I hope im wrong but I dont rhink so. NO new striker. We arebeing misled!
    Think about it. Gomis and Remy go to Newcastle. Kalou? Zapata? Anelka to WBA? All mythical.

  13. Gavin Clarke says

    I would like to see him back at Upton Park, Defoe and Carroll up front will cause defences all sorts of trouble, don’t mean I forgive him, but if he can win us over, who knows.

  14. Peter Creak says

    He still supports charities in our area,he went to school locally,he’s a good player,I think he would fit straight back in,I would have him back tomorrow.

  15. I never resented Defoe for leaving, he’s a professional who needs to play at the top level (Like we all would)
    I DO resent the goals he always seems to score against us, particularly last season at WHL where he celebrated open armed not 20 feet in front of me….Grrrr!

  16. Jarno Loosely says


  17. Why would Defoe wanna leave spurs to go to west ham? Hed rather drop down a league and go QPR than the pikey boys

  18. As one of his biggest critics on leaving I would have him back in a second. Forget who he is, every supporter wants success for West Ham and he would be the ideal partner for Carroll. I’m sure we all can hold our hands up to doing something in life that hasn’t gone down to well with those around us but it is possible to make amends for errors and I think he may grab that opportunity. Not forgetting he hasn’t mouthed off in the same way Fatboy has

  19. hammer180 says

    Defoe and Carroll? Europe here we come!!! superb natural goal scorer and yes I would forgive him.

  20. No point in getting him as Sam will not play 2 up top so once AC fit will he get a game ?

  21. But you’ve got Andy Carroll, you wouldn’t need Defoe. Plus he wont leave this year! You can have your old mate Scotty P back who is probably surplus to requirements this year!

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