Is Andy Carroll Undroppable?

When West Ham completed the loan deal for Andy Carroll last season; it was viewed as a huge deal, it was a deal that suited both parties, after-all we would play to his strengths, something previous club Liverpool failed/chose not to do.

After a successful loan spell we decided to sign the big forward on a permanent deal, Carroll is currently injured until September time and the club are looking for a striker to assist Andy and hopefully bring the best out of him.

Andy Carroll

With Andy hoping to re-kindle his England hopes in time for the upcoming World Cup; he was obviously going to be our first choice striker, with his performances towards the latter end of the season he most certainly proved that he still has much promise.

Carroll is already familiar with Sam Allardyce and best friend/former team-mate Kevin Nolan, so we can all hope that they continue to work well together.

Which makes me ask the question, is Andy Carroll Undroppable?

It’s obvious that Carroll is one of the highest earners at the club and if he doesn’t re-pay the club for the faith we’ve shown in him; it could prove disastrous for us-and we could be burdened with him for a long time to come. I know it pessimistic to think that way but in they past we have signed Strikers in particular who commanded big transfer fee’s and wages but they sadly haven’t lived up to the hype.

It’s evident that the team will be based around AC and his big presence, I’m sceptical because I feel we have clearly put all of our eggs into one basket; on a player with a poor injury record.

We have struggled to find cover while Carroll is currently injured and it’s asking a lot of him to go the whole season without picking up a knock or suffering from a bit of fatigue.

I’m not slandering the club at all here, just voicing my opinion and probable concerns.


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  1. just who would we replace him with? this has been gong on all summer…we need another striker but we haven’t looked likely to secure anyone so yes he is undroppable…question should be who plays when he picks up one of his numerous injuries?

  2. undroppable when he is fit, there are no other first class strikers in the squad at this stage how do the club seriously think they are going to finish higher than last year given the quality and quantity the othr PL clubs are signing?? Sams downfall is his refusal to adapt his style of play to accomodate other players. Won’t sign Kalou as he isnt guaranteed to play through the middle, we are on for a season of hump it to the big man and see where it lands!! My prediction 15th at best!!

  3. I trust that if he is under performing that Allardyce has the stones to drop him no matter his wage/fee in my opinion.

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