Lukaku or Bony?

Reports in the last few days have been linking West Ham United with moves for strikers Wilfried Bony and Romelu Lukaku, but who would you prefer?

West Ham’s interest in Bony was firmed up this week, with a bid believed to be in the region of £10 million being lodged for the Ivorian by the club after Swansea made a move for the player whom West Ham have been tracking since March.

Romelu Lukaku

The Guardian however are reporting that West Ham’s bid for Bony has been turned down and United have now turned their attentions to Chelsea striker Romelu Lukaku to bolster their forward line.

Any move for Lukaku will likely fall on deaf ears unless Chelsea sign another striker, so according to buzz around the web West Ham have their prayer beads out hoping that Cavani will rock up at Stamford Bridge so we can get Lukaku in on loan.

Both players had excellent campaigns last year with Bony scoring 32 goals in 31 games in the Dutch league for Vitesse, while Lukaku, or the new Drogba as some like to call him, notched 17 goals in 35 appearances in the Premier League during his loan spell with West Brom.

I am not sure who I would choose if I had the option as Bony looks quality but is an unknown quantity in the Premiership, whereas Lukaku has experience in the top-tier of English football and scoring 17 goals is an excellent return for any striker in this league.

Who would you guys prefer if you had the choice?

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  1. Eeerrrrmmmm forget about getting Lukaku. We’ve already stated he’ll be with us for next season. Even IF Chelsea were looking at loaning him, it’ll probably be to West Brom where they actually play football and not just hoof the ball upfield and hope for the best.

    • Iron Bobby says:

      Spoken like someone who has never seen West Ham play and believes everything he reads.

      Well having watched Chelsea for the last few years I think West Brom play better football than you which is hilarious considering how much money Chelsea throw at buying the league every year.

  2. i dont want lukaku. whats the point chasing a player who wants game time. he’s going to end up on the bench because Andy carrolls obviously the main man now and is a better CF in my opinion. wilfried bony can play in wider positions so would make much more sence. vaz te cant play on the right wing but bonys played wide right a few times in holland. i think he will end up at swansea though.. the footballs more attractive.. but fingers crossed he ends up playing at upton park next season.

  3. Bony to your lot, or better still Bony to Swansea… in any case,hands off the kraken!!!

  4. Chelsea state a lot of things, including their managers job is safe just before they sack them! When do Chelsea ever bring through youth players through? They always buy… So if you buy a Cavani or someone else why would Lukaku want to rot in your reserves or bench after playing first team football for a year? Surely he would want a loan anywhere rather than stunting his development by not playing. Just saying.

  5. Barry Attwood says:

    I would prefer Bony as he would be a permanent signing and Lukaku just a loan. If we really want to progress we need to be developing WHU players not players of other teams. However, if Lukaku on loan could lead to his permanent signature as with Carroll then that’s a different matter altogether. COYI’s

  6. Anonymous says:

    I thought this post would attract a few more doom and gloom merchants with one foot stuck firmly in the 70’s. Not many teams play with two out & out strikers anymore as 442 is a little out of date. But to the people with nothing to say but nonsense, that little fact doesn’t seem to matter.

    Bony or Lukaku??? Very difficult for all the reasons that you have stated. Lukaku’s familiarity & experience Or Bony’s reputation & unknown factor? It’s a tough one but I think I would go for Bony and his unknown factor as many strikers suffer from second season syndrome as most teams prepare for a player that they are now familiar with, which results in a less successful second season.

  7. Ausie John says:

    It really depends on how much money we have to spend is it a rumor that we r goin for Bony or for real if both r true l would go for Bony , what about the rumor on Milner wat has happened to that

    • Iron Bobby says:

      It’s all smokes and mirrors at this time of the season AJ… however I usually tend to take more notice when stories hit SkySports News like the Bony bid did. I only really saw the Milner link floating around Twitter, although if that were true I wouldn’t mind at all as I think he would have a lot to offer our team!

  8. what about the news of kalou? he would only cost £3m buy out clause he was banging them in last season. that saves £7m

    • Iron Bobby says:

      Sounds a good cheaper alternative but I was never convinced of him when he played for Chelsea. We were linked with him in the last window I believe! Depends how much money we have left as well after splashing out on Carroll.

  9. Rather buy bony than loan lukaku

  10. Loic Remy is for sale for £8m, it was reported we tried to sign him last season, if we get him instead of Bony, we save £2.5m – job done

  11. Anonymous says:

    AM afraid Lukaku every time. Younger and already proved in the premier league

  12. where you from G

  13. when did it ever sound funny to call the hammers the spamers . . . bet ur a spurs fan

  14. Spammers Utd says:

    HAHA! Big Lukaku at the Spamers!

  15. Bingbong says:

    Lukaku will not move to a hoofball club. if anything he will go back to West Brom where he will be able to continue his education under Steve Clarke and even learn from a certain Mr Anelka.

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