Alou Diarra having a moan

Alou Diarra has gone on the offensive today and unleashed a scathing attack on Sam Allardyce and the agents who lied to get him to West Ham United.

Diarra, 31, who is a French international, only moved to West Ham in the summer and has only been seen in the Premier League twice since his arrival and is demanding he be allowed to leave the club in this transfer window.

Speaking with L’Equipe Dairra said:

The speeches were so positive, ‘I was told that I was a priority for the manager.

At 31-years-old, I wanted to find another  league, and Marseille needed to reduce their wage bill, so it suited everyone.

They sent an officer who landed at  Marseilles in a private jet and promised me the moon. The speech was attractive.

It was England, London, West Ham, a popular  club with a true identity. It was an opportunity to settle in the Premier  League. I did not ask, I trusted.

After a few weeks, I realised that there  were a lot of lies. This agent has fooled me. Some people have made ​​money on  my back.

Admittedly, I have three year contract but  I’m not unhappy financially, but I came to play, not to take an early  retirement. I am positively at breaking point.

Manager Sam Allardyce does not excape Diarras’ wrath either with the player saying:

At all the clubs where I’ve been, I’ve  always had a discussion with the coach so I know what he expected of me, how the  team plays, my positioning, etc.

But since my arrival at West Ham, I never  spoke with the manager. Everyday is “hello, goodbye”. There is no dialogue, no  explanation.

It’s a shame if this is true as I really like Diarra and thought he was fantastic for France at last years Euros, I thought he was not playing as he was injured unless this was misleading?

What with Diame having a £3.5 Million release clause which every man and his dog knows about we need to keep Diarra in the squad as he adds extra quality in that holding midfield role.

What do you guys think? Keep him or let him go?

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