Tony Cottee: Michael Owen Would Be Ideal At West Ham

There has been a few rumours lately about the possibility of ex Liverpool, Newcastle and Manchester United forward Michael Owen coming down to the Hammers on a transfer.

I don’t know how much to read into this and we know that Allardyce is keen to go shopping and pick up a few summer bargains to help give the Hammers the start they need for next season.

Tony Cottee has come and said that West Ham needs some quality additions to the current squad and that Owen should be high on the list of players Allardyce should take a sneak peak at.

Cottee told the Sun newspaper: “A new striker is a must but also a proven Premier League scorer would be ideal. Everyone talks about Owen’s injury record but you know he guarantees reaching double figures in goals, which would take the pressure off the rest of the players.

“I know the fans would be excited about signing someone of his calibre. It would send out a message that the board want back the manager with quality.”

Maybe West Ham legend Cottee has a point. Sir Alex Ferguson was right to sign him and I think he even said something like: “If Michael Owen only sticks ten goals in the box in a season, then I’ll be happy”. A lot of people especially the Liverpool fans trashed the idea of Owen going to Utd but Ferguson proved them wrong I think. Ok, so he hasn’t started that many games and the guy is so injury prone it’s not even funny. I’ve probably started more games than Owen over the last 5 years!

Let us not forget though is Owen’s pedigree. He was the housewive’s choice, had deadly pace and awesome finishing in the box. A lot of that may be in the past now but I think Cottee is more interested in Owen’s ability to bring experience and knowledge to West Ham. Let’s face it, Ferguson used to bring him on for the last quarter of an hour. He may be a valuable addition and as he’s a free agent he just might be tempted for some East End love, who knows?

If he came to the Hammers and played well the fans would love him for sure. Owen’s still only 32 and might have a few good years in him if he can keep injury-free. On the other hand though, a forever injured player sitting on the bench and coining it in would be another story for the Hammer fans, wouldn’t it?

Something tells me that his experience would be invaluable for our young guns up front, especially Vaz Té and Carlton Cole – they would benefit enormously from Owen’s vast experience.

Whatever happens about Tony Cottee’s Owen rumours there’s going to be some action this summer and Upton Park will be a hive of activity regarding transfer news. So if he does come down to the East End I think he’d be welcomed with open arms – we’d then just have to wait to see if he can produce the goods.


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