Jaaskelainen Could Be The One

With keeper Rob Green halfway out of the Upton Park door I sense a tingle in my force field that Jaaskelainen could be the one to take over Green’s position at West Ham.

It’s no big secret that Sam Allardyce likes Jaaskelainen as he worked with him when he was in charge of Bolton Wanderers and I think it’s safe to say that Big Sam is a fan of the 37 year Finn.

Keep an ear to the ground for the next 24 hours as it does look like Jaaskelainen is going to be a Hammer. Big Sam has been keeping tabs on the keeper and it looks as if by Monday, he’ll have his man.

It’s also no big secret that Jaaskelainen is keen to stay in top flight football and West Ham just might be his ticket to ride. The keeper is set to end a 15 year association with Bolton Wanderers and has turned down a new contract. it’s also amazing that Jussi holds the record for being the longest serving foreign player in the Premier League after joining Bolton Wanderers in 1997. let’s hope he can serve the Hammers as well – (if he comes 馃檪

That’s enough banter about goalkeepers, England has some business to attend to on monday against France in the Eurocup 2012. What do you think of our chances of success? According to Spain’s Andr茅s Iniesta, the scorer of the goal that won Spain the World Cup, he fancies the French to turn us over! Cheeky midget! Apparently he reckons France’s form of late will give them the edge.

I think it’s a case of believing in the players we have available. I mean, everyone wrote the blues off against Barcelona, didn’t they? That’s right, it’s Iniesta’s team, too 馃檪 Have a good one!