Local Lad Targeted By Sunderland

West Ham born and bred, Mark Noble is everything West Ham United represents, a player who graduated our famous youth academy-and could be regarded as one of our most successful players to do so in recent years.

Its now being reported by various websites that Sunderland manager Paolo Di Canio is going to make an offer for Noble, in the hope of acquiring some English talent for his side.

Being a local home grown lad, Mark is held in high regard by many within West Ham (including the fans). So you would expect any deal to be rebuffed with no second thought.

mark noble west ham

Mark will divide opinion, some believe he should be our captain and will don the armband at some point in the future, others feels that his contribution is unconvincing and if a decent enough deal is offered; we should cash in. Personally I like Mark, he’s a good player who always seems to give 100%, admittedly he can frustrate me at times but he’s definitely a valuable asset to the side.

With a reported offer of £7 million being the apparent fee required; you can see why that would be tempting.

That sort of money could prove very helpful to our club and it would be a big profit on a player who graduated our youth academy. With our Midfield being the strongest area in the squad I’m not surprised that Mark’s contribution is sometimes overlooked, and with Ravel Morrison and Alou Diarra both performing well in pre-season, competition for places will become more fierce.

I feel letting Mark go wouldn’t be the best thing to do at this current time, but I can understand why we would consider it if a big offer came in.

What are your opinions on Mark Noble?

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  1. To be honest noble is a player who when injury free and playing100 percent can be a world beater. He is a much better player than Gareth Barry and how much did he cost man city. We need a midfield who puts as much energy on the field as mark , when he is on the pitch , My only concern with west ham are when we sustain injuries ,will we have adequate cover or as Sam seen something in our youngsters?

  2. Richard knox says

    Absolutely no way! Diarra is 32, Nolan is 31? We sell Noble and we will be in shit street before you know it.

  3. Keep. For a start £7m is not enough. We would need more to replace him. I would rather see Diarra/Nolan/Collison go before Noble. First two players are age. And Jack is a tad injury hit. 24 now and still not a regular starter.

  4. keep him we have been told we are not a selling club

  5. Good lad always willing to fight for a cause, but if the 7m can be re-used to sign a striker that we desperatly need it might be a case of needs must!!

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